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Outdoor Bootcamp

Worcester Running Club

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Meta-Blast is an advanced metabolic training program based on functional fitness principles.

It is designed to quickly burn fat whilst drastically improving cardio and muscular fitness. It also aids health by promoting mobility, flexibility and correct posture.


Our Meta-Blast Classes boost metabolism meaning you burn calories long after the workout - up to 24 hrs after and your still burning fat!


We keep it interesting and exciting by using any of 5 training methods and 16 exercise protocols with over 100 different exercises to create a fast paced 30 minute bodyweight workout.


The session finishes with a 5 minute flexibilty cool down to aid recovery and flexibility.


This is a sure way to get the results you desire - we give every new member a 121 consultation and talk about specific goals. We then get to work on that goal and test and measure against it regularly.

The all weather outdoor bootcamp sessions are great fun!


Yes you may get wet and dirty but thats part of the fun ;-) They are based around functional training exercises and High Intensity Interval training methods (HIIT) These fitness classes

are great for anyone who likes the outdoors but needs a bit of push and motivation




Functional exercises focus on building a body capable of doing real-life activities in real-life positions, not just lifting a certain amount of weight in an idealized posture created by a gym machine.


Functional fitness training prepares you to tackle everyday life and supports a healthy and fit body. Activities such as climbing, twisting, lifting etc are done on a regular basis like placing your child into a car seat, lifting the shopping bags out from the boot of the car, climbing stairs whilst carrying a bag, squating down to tie up shoe laces - all of these movements require core strength and body control whilst using the muscle groups with synchronisity not independantly. The only way to prepare your body to cope with these stresses is by functional training and thats exactly what you get at NuYu!

Running is the daddy when it comes to great cardio fitness and health. Our running club is suitable for beginners with its 5K course and early morning to set you up for the day.


It can be mentally tough running on your own so as a group you get the motivation you need and the challenge to improve your running capability.



We run a range of fitness classes through the week suitable for anyone looking to improve health and fitness. See below for more details on each class...

Membership Options

We have tried to make it as easy as possible for you to get started with a range of affordable ways to pay for your classes. Please see the class schedule below and click on the 'membership' tab to view the options. Remember you can always start of with a free trial to experience NuYu and then decide from there with either a monthly membership or paying for block of 5 or 10 classes at a time. All classes must be booked online.


Gold Membership allows access to all classes each week

Silver Membership allows access to 2 classes each week

Bronxe membership allows access to just one class each week.


Class packs are valid for any class and can be used as and when you want to (they never expire).

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